March 18, 2011
After Kuangzai I went to have some of my favorite cold noodles. These are the most common ingredients in cold noodles. Clockwise from above, MSG, vinegar, something similar to soy sauce, salt, chopped green spring onions, soy sauce, stir fried onion bits, chopped red chillies and a red chilli sauce. Spicyyy!! And extremely delicious!
This man was smoking an amazingly long pipe. On the right is a closer look at his wares.
Much like the guards of London, this guy was standing stock still surrounded by people clicking his photo. But London wins, because after a few minutes he “came alive,” jabbering something in Chinese.
I also visited another reconstructed ancient town named Kuangzai Xiangzi and I liked this much more than Jinli Jie. The streets here were filled with shops, food and drink just like Jinli but this place had a far better feel to it. This woman was selling popular “shou kou” or small snacks. Some are steamed,...
In an age where trees are felled regularly and nature receives the worst treatment at our hands, this was a heartwarming sight once I learnt the reason. I asked my Chinese friend why these trees were wrapped with cloth. She said it was to protect them from the harsh cold of the winter and they...