jin li street
One of the funny things I saw in Jin Li Street. There were “ear cleaners” standing with local earbuds, cotton swirled around two steel tongs, calling out to people to clean their ears. I was mighty skeptical of their skills, but these two brave men ventured to get their ears cleaned.
The one thing I liked about Jin Li was the mind boggling number of snacks and sweets. I couldn’t taste any that day because it was just too crowded to go near any of the counters since it was a Sunday. But I am planning to go back there (the entrance is free) on a...
The street had buildings and houses that were constructed to resemble old China. But these two stylish mannequins, displaying the wares of the shop, bring you back to the present.
One of the few interesting shops in Jin Li was this place that sold calligraphy brushes. All sizes, all types. Don’t miss that huge brush made from elephant tusk on the far left.
Last weekend I visited Jin Li Jie, or Jin Li Street. It’s a reconstructed ancient street, which is filled with shops and restaurants. A tourist favorite. But I didn’t like it much. It was too commercialized, complete with a Starbucks, which took the charm out of the place. Crammed with small and big shops that...