Apologies for not posting on the blog for so long! My few but faithful followers have been asking me to post more pictures, and here they are finally! Let me start with a couple of weekends ago, when we went to Qing Yang Gong. One of the most ancient Daoist temples in China, Qing Yang...
One of the many temples I passed along the way to the summit. Many of them including this one, named Wannian Si, offer accommodation and food for trekkers.
Yesterday I finished a four-day trek to Emei Shan, one of the four sacred mountains in China. It was a grueling climb – 50 km one way. That means I walked, climbed and descended more than a 100 km. And the fact that the path up the mountain consists of neatly hewn stone steps does...
Wenshu Yuan is a temple complex, with multiple courtyards and prayer houses. This is one of them. Feel the incense?
The very Indian sounding Manjushri Monastery (named after one of the Boddhisattvas) was my first site of visit here in Chengdu. Locally known as Wenshu Yuan, this is a pretty place, if you ignore the high commercialization outside. Once inside the temple premises, it’s calm and peaceful.