Wedding Snapshots

The most interesting sight in Chunxi Lu was the various Wedding Photography shops that were lined up. The Chinese have a process where the bride and the groom shoot pictures in different clothes befor... Read More

Shop Till You Drop

Last weekend I went to Chunxi Lu, which is supposed to be THE place to visit for shopping. A Chengdu tourist brochure that I have says that “if New York has Times Square, Chengdu has Chunxi Lu.&... Read More

Blooming Tea

Another favorite pastime here. Drinking tea. And I don’t mean the milky, sugary tea that we Indians are used to. This is green, flowery tea. Yi bei cha (one glass of tea) costs 10 RMB (Rs 50 $1.... Read More

Dancing to Tunes

It’s not just Tai Chi that moves the Chinese. Slow dancing to loud but catchy Chinese songs are a rage here. Every morning, from 9.00 am to 10.30, when I am in class, I am treated to some lovely... Read More

Life in the Park

If you don’t enjoy calligraphy much, just sing! These were a band of men singing in the park, complete with an orchestra behind them and loudspeakers. The parks here are fun, especially on weeke... Read More