Turpan, Xinjiang, City of Grapes, China

Like all serious travellers and photographers, I too have a hard disk chock full of images packed into folders that are delightfully building up. I love wandering into these digital suitcases of memories and browsing through the photos. Every time I do that, I remember a long forgotten moment and very soon am back in that place all over again.

Here, I am wandering to Turpan, the hottest place in China, which I visited at the peak of summer when temperatures soar to a blazing 45 degrees Celsius. It was close to mid morning and the heat was intense, the roads were a shimmering haze. Torpidly, I walked along a treeless road looking for a shop where I could buy something cold to drink. And suddenly, as if entering another world, I reached this green oasis to my right. Boulevards and wide sidewalks lined with lush, green trellises with plump, juicy bunches of grapes hanging from everywhere in a scene straight out of the Arabian Nights. I then remembered reading somewhere that Turpan is known for its vineyards that are lined all over the city. I clicked this photo just before I sat down at one of the quaint open air restaurants/cafes that had pretty courtyards with tables and chairs sitting in dappled sunlight. Beautiful moment, beautiful memory.

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  1. Haha. Ah yes.This was one of our greatest trips ever, wasn’t it? I can never forget it. One month of dirt, filth, and gorgeousness. The three of us have to do that again. Someday.

    1. Swati Nair

      It really was one of the greatest trips ever. It’s etched in my mind even though I don’t have a travelogue on this trip. Yes, we should, one day.

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