March 2, 2011
On the way back, as my ice numbed feet drag slowly, I notice more of these numerous spice shops that dot the sides. They had funny names, with some of them labeled as fungus even. The big mushroom at the center? That was one of the fungus labeled ones. It seemed quite popular, all these...
These locks in various shapes, the most popular being a heart, can be found all over the sides of the huge courtyard at the summit. Remembrances of love. Tied by couples, as a prayer to hold their love steadfast.
Finally the summit! This is what greeted me. The sun, unspoilt blue and a huge towering Buddha. Though there were crowds of tourists, I felt exhilarated at reaching the summit, at being able to see such glorious sunshine and the Buddha of course.
See those glistening steps? One wrong step and you could land at the bottom. This was how it was for half the way till the ice thawed out and warmer winds kept the steps dry. In a few places, there was no way but to slide down because it was so slippery!