Festival in Qinghai

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In one of the most memorable road trips I have ever done, I visited Qinghai, situated in the vast Tibetan plateau. After wandering through the mostly unfriendly and uncommunicative region of Xingjiang... Read More

The Bridge of Life

This is a view from the pedestrian bridge right in front of my college. I like standing here and watching the flow of traffic on either side, the people who walk across the bridge and the people who... Read More


This is another of my favorite places to have bubble tea. It’s a 15 to 20 minute bus ride away from my college but each time I am somewhere in this area I try to buy milk tea from here. And my ... Read More

Small Dogs

Only Chengdu’s pet dogs don’t have anything to protect themselves with from the rain. But they are so small that owners carry them around many times.... Read More