February 27, 2011
Yesterday I finished a four-day trek to Emei Shan, one of the four sacred mountains in China. It was a grueling climb – 50 km one way. That means I walked, climbed and descended more than a 100 km. And the fact that the path up the mountain consists of neatly hewn stone steps does...
A bucket of rice. Yes, that’s what most restaurants serve here. I don’t know if rice is so abundant that they dish out so much! The other picture is one of my MOST favorite dishes. It’s called Mapo Doufu (maa-pu d0-foo). It’s silken soft tofu mixed in a hotbed of spices including ginger, chili oil and...
And discounts means happy customers! China’s retail market is booming, especially over the internet. No empty shops, with idle attendants here.
Lots of discounts and special prices on all food items.
Had gone to Carrefour. They are all over Chengdu. This is the grocery and food floor in Carrefour but it is pretty  much the same as in any other big supermarket in China. Rows and rows of vegetables and fruits. Anything related to food, you name it and it’s there.