April 4, 2011
The finished product looks like this. After being shallow fried, the tofu is sprinkled with chilli powder, salt and bits of finely chopped spring onions. Yes, it’s heavenly.
I know, I know I am posting food in a row and making your mouth water. But this is what I see everyday, in every corner of Chengdu! It’s difficult to resist food here, with so many choices. Chengdu has been rightly christened by the UNESCO as the City of Gastronomy. Here, you see tofu...
A healthier snack that can be found along the streets of Chengdu is water chestnuts. The sellers stand with knives hacking the skin off and they are sold without the peel, seen here in the bag. I buy a bagful and pop them into my mouth when I am studying or walking. They are also...
After stirring them over the flame for a few seconds, the potatoes are mixed with some spices and served. For 3 yuan ( less than a dollar) it’s a great snack to have while taking in the sights.
Who can resist stir-fried potatoes with some spices? This is a popular snack all over Chengdu. Here a woman stirs diced potatoes.
A hot pot restaurant is always packed, particularly in winter and spring, as people come to enjoy the warmth of spices and conversation.
A very helpful tray is kept next to your table. All empty dishes or dishes to be emptied into the hotpot can be kept here. Finally, the waiter counts the number of plates used and tallies the bill.
One of my favorite food items to have in China – hotpot. It’s a complete DIY experience, which makes cooking fun. The hot pot is at the center of the table, a boiling cauldron of water and chilli oil/many times meat broth in to which goes meat and vegetables. The heat can be regulated with...