Day 20: Colours

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I am not proud of the quality of this photo. But I chose it because of the thought that arose when I saw it waving in the light, balmy breeze. No individual is made up of a single colour. We all have ... Read More

Day 19: Life in Macro

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Ever since I swapped my Samsung S3 for my current Sony Xperia I have been unhappy with the quality of the macro shots that its camera takes. While the Samsung was able to get really up close to an obj... Read More

Day 17: Stories Untold

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The house I visited today had a small area allocated to the Brahma Rakshas. While I had heard of it, I wasn’t really sure of what a Brahma Rakshas was. But this little raised platform surrounded... Read More

Day 15: Early Bird

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A nest hangs just outside the window of the front room. Its residents are two tiny sunbirds waiting for their parents to come with food. I stood watching in the mellow morning sun as the young ones wa... Read More

Day 7: Cold

The first thing that came to my mind with today’s theme was not the ailment but the weather. Being in Dublin, cold is not just the weather but almost the voice in your head. It chills your skin ... Read More