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Sunrise and sunsets are as common as breathing. There is a certain comfort in knowing that the sun will rise and set every day without fail. It’s the rhythm of life. But somehow they are glorified when on vacation (I have seen many a beautiful sunset right outside my apartment). When Smits prompted me to write about my favourite sunsets (with photos), I didn’t think it would be so easy. But within a matter of minutes, I had picked out the best  ones from my small collection of sunsets. I don’t believe in getting up at unearthly hours unless there is something important to accomplish so I don’t have many photos of sunrises.

So here goes. Six of my most memorable sunsets.


devbaghDevbagh remains one of my most loved places on earth till today. Literally translated, it means “God’s Garden” and I believe it comes close. I went there twice with 2 of my closest friends and although both were just weekend trips we created a lot of memories filled with laughter and long walks. This photo was taken on our first trip together and I remember us standing on the beach, feeling the breeze turn from warm to slightly nippy and watching the fishermen pull in their nets. Today, one of those friends is no longer in my life. She chose to walk away because of a reason that I am (and a lot of our mutual friends) still unaware of. But I hold this trip close to my heart because I still remember her fondly. Because we got to spend time in God’s Garden.


goaGoa is one of the most touristy places on earth. Yet, it somehow retains its charm through all the hordes that congregate on its beaches. I have been to Goa many times but this one trip stands out in my memory. My German friend, nay brother, Joerg was visiting India. A born wanderer, he had gone ahead from Bangalore for a longer stay in Goa than what my work would allow me. I was to join him a week later. We stayed in a small shack by the beach and in the evening on the first day this glorious sunset greeted us. We sat on the stoop of the shack, playing with a tub-full of puppies that the owner was looking to sell. We chatted, laughed, exchanged funny stories, and the puppies clambered over us and around our feet. It’s a moment imprinted in my mind. As vivid as this sunset.


devarayanadurga My friend, Sheba, came all the way from Chennai on this drive to Devarayanadurga, a 2-hour drive from Bangalore. We had booked ourselves into a camp that provided tents on a private farm. We wandered amongst fruit trees, and our path took us to this reed-filled lake. The sun was just about to set and we sat on the rocks surrounding the lake to take in the magic. I remember us posing against the sun, clicking silhouettes of each other against the gold skies. Falling over in laughter. Sharing moments of silence. As it turned dark we made our way back and had a beer under the stars that now bejewelled the inky blue sky.


DubaiFor the longest time, Smits’ parents had wanted to go to Dubai. Or any of those glimmering cities in Asia that the world talked about. For Indians, a trip to Singapore or Dubai or Thailand is a dream come true. It’s usually their first journey abroad because these are more easily accessible to the average Indian in terms of time and money. So, when Smits suggested a trip to Dubai for the Christmas holidays they were elated. Being more a part of their family than just a friend it was just understood that I would be coming along as well. That’s how we all ended up at the Dubai beach on this fine evening with the iconic Burj al Arab towering against the sun. Smits’ mother smiled as she let the gentle waves of the sea lap at her feet while her father stood by with a grin watching his wife, while Smits and I watched them being happy. We all had the biggest smiles on our faces.


laosLaos was languid, non-hurried, and slow. I found Vang Vieng a bit boring, Vientiane interesting, and Luang Prabang a mix of both. I remember walking along small winding lanes lined with traditionally built houses. Stopping at a crepe stall. Pausing to buy charcoal-roasted bananas. There weren’t too many people about on the roads especially away from the main road that was the touristy and main part of the town. I soaked in the quiet. In the evening, Smits and I found ourselves by this river and settled down with a cold beer after a hot day, on the stone steps along its banks. Slowly, the sun went down in the cloudless sky in a haze of colours that ranged from golden yellow to this gorgeous purple. And slowly, we felt our bones relax, our worries melting, and thoughts dissipating.


DublinI had to include a Dublin sunset. Not because I stay here but simply because it’s a rare phenomenon. Dublin is notorious for its cold, windy, cloud-filled days even in summer when I have had days that are cold enough to warrant a couple of layers and light jacket. So when the sun comes out it’s an event for me. Here’s one of the prettier sunsets I caught in Dublin as I walked around in Phoenix Park on a chilly December evening.

Enjoyed my sunset post? I would love to know about your favourite sunset as well!

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