Of Seasons and Sunrises


Before I started living in Ireland, I had no real notion of seasonal changes other than what I read in books. In Bangalore, the weather was always perfect. Pleasant, breezy, warm, sweet. Travelling helped me experience different kinds of weather, from snow to torrid rain to extreme heat. But I had never been in a place long enough to experience the change of seasons and the beauty that came with it.

A bright yet dark winter sunrise

In the past one or two years, I have been made more keenly aware of this shift. As winter approaches, there are hot soups and mulled wine waiting for you in cafes and restaurants while in summer there are refreshing slushes and cold salads. Brussels sprouts and pumpkins dot produce aisles in supermarkets at the beginning of autumn, and summer outfits now go into end-of-season sales as there is less and less of the sun to be had.

But nowhere can it be more sharply seen as in the sky. I love waking up early to see the splendid displays that the sun puts out every morning. In summer, my favourite time of the year, sunrise occurs too early for me to catch the first rays. But I still manage to catch the lukewarm fingers of the sun as he gets ready for a new day.

Spring sunrises are sometimes vivid and sharp. But nothing beats the depth of colour in the sunrises in autumn. The scattered clouds shot through with a gorgeous riot of colours are nothing less than jaw-dropping. On some days, I sit sipping my coffee, simply looking out of the window. I watch as the skies slowly light up, changing colour after colour in rapid succession. I spend a few minutes thus, as if in an art gallery. More than the crisp sharpness of the pre-winter air, it’s the patterns and the rich hues that makes me catch my breath.

Why are sunrises in autumn so extraordinary? Perhaps, it’s the position and the slant of the sun. Maybe, that deep blue of the autumn is brought on by the dip in temperatures and lower humidity.

In winter, a lazy sun rises late in the morning and lethargically hangs around until afternoon before scurrying away for the night. Even the sun doesn’t like winter. But some winter mornings are glorious with their spectacular sunrises.  

I have now realized that autumn and winter are perfect to come awake with these morning shows. I am very lucky that I get to see some of it from my window right from the comfort of my home, where I made all the pictures (except the one of the road) you see in this post.

As I write this early in the morning, it’s still dark out. But I can see a faint streak in the distance. It’s time. I am going to get my cup of coffee and get ready for my show.

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