Day 20: Colours

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I am not proud of the quality of this photo. But I chose it because of the thought that arose when I saw it waving in the light, balmy breeze. No individual is made up of a single colour. We all have ... Read More

Day 13: Time

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I felt the hand of Time as I walked through Bazaar Street in Fort Kochi yesterday. This three kilometer stretch that ends in Jew Town is packed with slices of Cochin’s mercantile history, which ... Read More

Day 10: Dark

The dark has always been associated with negativity, bad energies, and everything that’s not really good for you. But there are some things dark that are not only good for you but also act like ... Read More

Day 8: Sunset

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Today’s theme was actually ‘Sunrise’. But my still jet-lagged, sleepy self could not wade through the deep waters of sleep to catch the rising sun. I was disappointed but I thought I... Read More