Day 1: Beginning

I was looking forward to having a nice lunch out on the first day of the new year. I also had Project 365 on my mind, and I was keeping my eyes peeled to capture anything that went with the theme for today (as per a calendar guide I downloaded to prompt me in case I got stuck), which was ‘Beginnings’.

It was a brusque and blustery day but there was a weak sun filtering through hurriedly scudding clouds. We walked to the neighbouring seaside town in the hope of finding a cozy cafe where we could warm ourselves with a little wine and pasta. But we were in for a shock. Nothing was open. Pubs, cafes, restaurants all sported ‘sorry, we’re closed!’ And to top it all, it began to drizzle.

Just as I was sinking into my shoes in disappointment I saw that Starbucks was open. I thought, why not. It’s better than going home with an empty stomach and cold hands, isn’t it? We entered and the first thing I saw was this blackboard with the words “Be Amazing Today.” It made me smile. Everything was right with the world again. I had got the beginning I wanted.

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