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Jumbled wires

Doesn’t it look mind boggling just to look at it? This is how electric wires are bunched up all over Vietnam. I have no idea how they maintain it or how anyone can rectify a small mistake in tha... Read More

Mobile singers

This guy was a mobile singer, with all his equipments including a speaker attached to him! He walked around the lane singing and playing though I didn’t see him spread out a sheet or anything fo... Read More

A good lunch!

I absolutely loved the food. Pictured above is one of their staples known as Pho (pronounced as ‘fa’), a noodle soup with vegetables and meat for the non-vegetarians. The leaves that they ... Read More

London in 5 days

London. The last leg of my three-month sojourn away from home. I couldn’t write while I was in London because of sheer jet lag and tiredness. Landing in London on 14th August in the afternoon, a Fri... Read More