First day of office

Finally, after a long weekend it was time to begin office. It reminded me that am here on work and not on vacation. Smile. Well, I had not slept particularly well the night before and I was really groggy but I had to wake up by 6. My office is on South La Salle Street, in a building called One Financial Place, on the 39th floor, bang opposite the Sears Tower. On foggy days, I get a marvellous view of the entire city, especially the tower with its top clouded over. To reach the office, I need to take a bus, get down two stops later and get into the train station. The trains are run by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), which has different lines named the Brown Line, the Red Line and so on that goes to different routes. I have to take the Brown Line or the Purple Line and it takes about 10 minutes. I have a CTA card given by the office that I can use on the train as well as on buses. Pretty nifty.

Today was pretty much an uneventful day, except for the fact that I had been a bit nervous about working in the new office. But it was fine, my editor took me around and introduced everyone. There is a distinct personality to each person here, which sadly I cannot make a mention on this public blog.

I got my ID card done today. The process was finished within minutes. A friendly security took me to a machine where he snapped a picture and immediately laminated and pasted it on to a tag. That’s it. Done. So easy. No waiting for two days. That’s one thing I appreciate in this country. A lot of things are done with efficiency and the process doesn’t stretch over days, making you impatient. Ok, am rambling, am sleepy, I better stop here. A better post tomorrow.

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