Devbagh 2009

The woods are lovely…


Devbagh happened for the first time in February last year, when my friends and I went there for the first time. To put it simply we fell in love. Its truly a “paradise” as one of my friends described it, with wooded expanse dotted with cottages giving way to the beach and the ocean beyond. Most of all it’s the silence punctuated by birds, creaking trees and roaring waves that enthrall you. What better place to start 2009 with.

Situated a boat ride away from Karwar, Devbagh is a must visit for not just beach lovers, but for those who love solitude and the beauty in nature. Until my visit last year, I used to wonder at some people going off on a holiday every year, to the same place. An annual ritual. I used to find it a waste of time and money. Devbagh changed that. Now I knew that I had discovered my annual ritual.

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