Day 6: Blue

Blue. Should be one of the easiest themes to shoot, right? Well, not when you are in an airport or airplane the whole day, I thought. I was also a bit annoyed with myself because I had forgotten to ask for my preferred aisle seat when I was checking in. I ended up getting the window seat, instead, which I have never liked because it makes me feel boxed in. I settled in, resigned for what I thought was going to be a torturous journey.

But then a little while after the plane took off, this glorious sight unfolded in front of me. Blue. Expansive. Unfettered. A parallel world. Small towns intermingled with green fields, and rugged mountains glinting with snow, and small rivers snaking through looking like liquid gold in the sun. Such beautiful panoramas. All under the deep, dark, blue that surrounded me.

Note: Posting this one day late as I had no access to the internet yesterday. Today’s post to follow soon.

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