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cropI am a wanderer and a wonderer. I love to travel, not just literally but also through books, movies, and photography, which is what my website is all about. My innate curiosity keeps me humble because the more I know I realize how much I don’t know. My writing and photographs all attempt to capture the essence of the here and now. Wherever I am. Lastly, a shout out to my friend who continues to inspire me and push me to break those self-imposed boundaries to discover more of the world.

Amble through my online home. Feel free to leave a suggestion, a comment or simply a note to say “hello” πŸ™‚ Write to me at travellingbirdy@gmail.com or use the comment box below!

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. You don’t take a photograph, you make it !
    Awesome photos, all the best Swati.

  2. It took me a while to reach here, didn’t I? Thank you for the words you wrote. There is nothing but the beautiful you that I saw in you. The voice in your head is just an echo of all that I know in you can do. Forgive this aimless wanderer herself for all the mistakes of the past, and the mistakes I know I will make in the future. But remember always, there is that beauty in you; the light; the rays of life on the path that I now watch you walk on.

  3. Hey good to see your work and passion taking some shape, awesome website and photogrphs, Do u also plan to write about our China adventure:)

  4. Hi Birdy,

    Ur photos are truly awesome… Keep rocking… Be Happy… Sky is the limit for u… Cheers Bro.

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